Real Estate in Long Beach: The Perfect Lot

Real estate in Long Beach is a dream come true for investors and potential homeowners alike. This stunning city encapsulates all that is ideal about living in Southern California, with the beach being visible from nearly every location. Of course, such a premier spot means that the opportunity to secure unblemished land is truly rare. With that in mind, property buyers will be pleased to hear that there is at least one great lot left in Long Beach!

real estate in long beach

You are looking at a prime lot on the peninsula. That’s right, an untouched lot right on the beach! The sand will be directly outside of your doorstep. You know what that means; it means that the water is basically your front yard! That kind of direct access to the beach is one of the greatest perks that money can buy. You can choose to join the beachfront festivities, or be the life of the party with your completely custom residence! However you decide to utilize your new surroundings, the time spent here will be undoubtedly amazing!

real estate in long beach

Before buying this .074 acre lot, take note of the properties surrounding it. These homes are the perfect gauge for what is possible when owning this oceanfront property. You can either create a giant abode, or have a comfortably sized residence complete with an excellent yard. The choices are yours to construct something fabulous. Just make sure that nobody beats you to the punch!

Like we said before, open real estate in Long Beach is almost impossible to find; forget about finding unblemished beachfront real estate. For this reason, buyers cannot overlook today’s featured lot. If you are interested, contact us. We would be more than happy to show you why this particular property is the one you have been dreaming about!

Buying a Home in Long Beach: A Featured Listing

Buying a home in Long Beach is a momentous occasion as you have just joined one of the most affluent communities in the country! Besides the excellent company, the city also provides a breathtaking array of amenities and features that few other areas can match. If you couldn’t tell, we are high on Long Beach!

Fortunately for buyers, there are some fabulous listings in Long Beach. For the family man, today’s featured listing will be of major interest due to its square footage and easy access to schools, parks, as well as the beach. Additionally, the place comes with a number of details that will leave your jaw on the floor!

buying a home in long beach


Is this not the yard that you have always dreamed of coming home to? Upon arrival, your attention will be instantly focused on the lovely walkway that takes you on a short tour of a stunning display of greenery. It may be a bold statement, but we dare say that this property boasts the finest exterior in the neighborhood, however. This gorgeous entrance is just the tip of the iceberg.

buying a home in long beach


This interior of this outstanding 3 bedroom, 3 bath abode is absolutely beautiful and distinctively designed with hardwood floors and a contemporary style. Digital dual zone air/heating control with 2 thermostats, one for each side of the home, ensure that everyone is comfortable. The huge living room comes with a marble hearth fireplace, while the spacious den/family room was situated to enjoy breathtaking views of the lush backyard. The gem of the interior is the incredible gourmet kitchen that offers built-in appliances, custom touches, and all of the storage you could ever want!

buying a home in long beach


Imagine this, your family and friends are gathered together in the backyard on a wonderful warm spring/summer eve with music flowing throughout, as well as a deluxe ambiance set by a blazing fire pit and glistening water on the pool, while the aroma from the BBQ can be smelled from blocks away. If that vision doesn’t put a smile on your face, we do not know what would! Thankfully, this dream can become a reality simply by securing the keys to this impressive abode!

Now that you have seen what is available to those that are buying a home in Long Beach isn’t it time to relocate here? We certainly think so! However, if you would like to see the rest of the listings in the city, contact us. It is our job to help you find a terrific place to live!